“The challenge was to find a high-resolution projection system that would not compromise on contrast and retain the deep black background for star projection. Our experience with the installation and start-up of the ZEISS VELVET system was a pleasant surprise. After almost 30 years of using the analog system, we now experience a quantum leap.”

Haydèe Domic T., Fundaciòn Planetario Santiago de Chile

“The projection quality of the VELVET system is unique. Blending between the projectors is seamless, color and brightness remain stable all the time.”

Werner Kiesle, Laupheim Planetarium

“The installation of the VELVET System from ZEISS represents a quantum leap in design for the Mannheim Planetarium. State-of-the-art image and system quality and diverse production possibilities in and in front of the dome inspire and amaze our visitors and the ambitious planetarium team. With this modernization, we are well-equipped to ensure our establishment’s future.”

Dr. Christian Theis, Mannheim Planetarium

Design, manufacturing and installation from a single supplier

Although VELVET is not made in large lots, the projector is no oddity. It is a mature, tried-and-tested product.

On average, four to five units of the currently third VELVET generation leave the shop floor per week. Their merits are appreciated by planetarians, but also by pilots. Several hundred projectors are in continuous use in flight and driving simulators and, of course, in many planetariums.

It takes the lens to complete the picture

The best chip and projection technology will not create an excellent image on the dome unless it comes with an outstanding projection lens. VELVET projectors come with high-performance lenses of the ZEISS DIGIGON series.

Their ray tracing has been specially performed for dome projection, and they convince by their higher-than-average imaging quality. They ensure that every single pixel contributes to the pin-sharp picture on the dome. Neither chromatic aberation nor optical distortions spoil the image quality.

In the projected image, VELVET with its DIGIGON lens shows its strong points, compared to a commercial projector for fulldome projection.

VELVET is a leading-edge ZEISS digital projection system, the best you can have for astronomical applications.

Stars on a non-brightened background are sharp from one edge of the image to the other. Constellation overlays, coordinate lines and celestial objects fascinate by clearness.