UNIVIEW – Reach for the stars…and beyond with the user interface for the ZEISS product family of Fulldome and hybrid systems.

The User Interface

Operation remains very easy, indeed: Click or tap on the buttons (tiles) of the control interface to start individual functions or call a sequence of commands – no matter whether for planetarium functions or external (e.g., illumination) systems.

  • A common interface for all system components
  • Web-browser-based for all kinds of terminals
  • Mobile, cordless placement
  • Handling with the ease of child’s play
  • Flexible adaptation to individual requirements and preferences
  • Clearly structured default settings of all important functions
  • Live operation of all planetarium and device functions
  • Active feedback and status information

Example of a website with tiles for the presentation of deep sky objects.

Constellation figures and constellation names in the 3D planetarium.

The 3D Planetarium

Demonstrate fundamentals of astronomy, astrophysical facts, geosciences and a host of other scientific relationships in lucid 3D presentation.

  • Interactive three-dimensional visualization and simulation of astronomical databases in real time
  • Presentation facilities ranging from a detailed model of the International Space Station (ISS) to our native planet, to the solar system and the Milky Way to the cosmic background radiation
  • Labels, grids, axes of rotation and many more didactic functions
  • Graphic user interface for dead easy interactive simulations
  • Simulation of time and place, allowing for object motions with time
    Control in synchronicity with the star projector

The 2D Planetarium

Viewing the sky as seen from the Earth is, and will remain, the most significant presentation in any planetarium, whether with or without a star projector. The 2D planetarium of UNIVIEW comprises all the classical functions in a synchronous combination of analog and digital projection:

  • Starry sky with Milky Way
  • All coordinate systems and lines, overlays of all 88 constellations – as pictures, line patterns or IAU outlines
  • Sun, Moon, planets — classical and digital projections with zoom, phases and trails
  • Didactic aids: Martian loops, the Sun’s analemma, circumpolar circle, the daily arcs of the Sun, etc.
  • Telescope-style magnification of all Messier and deep-sky objects
  • Atmospheric real-time effects: Clouds, rain, mist, snow, rainbow, polar lights, shooting stars

Constellation figures overlay with opto-mechanical or digital stars and Milkyway in the 2D planetarium.

UNIVIEW allows you to play fulldome videos up to 8k resolution, 10 bit per RGB and stereo.

Fulldome Video

With UNIVIEW we offer you the best video performance.
  • Resolution: 1k to 8k
  • Frame rate: 24 to 60 fps (120 fps Stereo)
  • Color rendition: 8 bit per RGB color channel (standard), 10 bit per RGB color channel (HEVC codec) for optimized color gradients
  • Encoder: Generation of UNIVIEW video data
  • Codecs: MPEG 2, H.264, H.265 (HEVC)
  • Slicing: In real time, no pre-slicing required

The Show Manager (editor)

The UNIVIEW Show Manager offers the most comprehensive functions for editing shows and animating show elements.

  • Editing tools: Timeline with layers and tracks, chapters, preview, animation editor, gamma correction, parameter setting, positioning aids, definition and selection of presets, default times, resources management, activation/deactivation of layers and tracks, device commands
  • Animation editor: Extended editing tools, setting of predefined animations, separate activation/deactivation of individual properties in an animation, definition of standard animations, export and import of presets

With the Show Manger in UNIVIEW every detail of a show is precisely adjustable.

For UNIVIEW, useful tools and plugins for more complex tasks are available.


Tools and plugins offer efficient help for numerous tasks, some of them optional.

  • Video encoder with MPEG2 codec (standard) and HEVC codec and 10-bit color depth per color channel
  • Show Renderer (generation of dome masters from a show)
  • Live-Stream (streaming of external contents)
  • Remote service for quick help
  • Automatic Slide Show Creator
  • Automatic Picture Gallery
  • Show Exporter (exchange of show productions)