Projection Dome

Dome diameter: 18 m to 35 m (60 ft to 115 ft)
Height of horizon: 2200 mm or 3000 mm
Dome tilt: 0° to 30°
Seating capacity: 200 to 450


The universal star theater of its own

UNIVERSARIUM is the most powerful planetarium instrument from ZEISS, and is designed for large domes and multimedia star theaters as well as for horizontal and tilted domes. Thanks to the high brightness of all projections, even projection domes with a very low degree of reflection can be used. The components are available in different modifications, so that UNIVERSARIUM can be installed in existing auditoriums and optimally adapted to the dome horizon and seating arrangement. UNIVERSARIUM is based on the starball concept, the mechanical separation between the projection of the starlit sky and of dynamic objects. The starball and the planet projectors as well as the projectors for Sun and Moon are controlled by the software to be used jointly in accordance with astronomical algorithms.

The Starball

The UNIVERSARIUM stars surpass any digital starfield by far, even the brightest. The starry sky is projected with fiber-optic projection systems designed and manufactured by ZEISS. The stars are so bright that they are not easily outshone by image projections. They are point-shaped and totally white. The brightest stars are displayed using conspicuous tints in nature and are projected in a reddish, bluish, or yellowish color. UNIVERSARIUM provides a realistic simulation of the scintillation of all stars..

A modular system to fit with your requirements

UNIVERSARIUM is designed for special custom configurations and specifications. In any case, the configuration is subject to specification by contract. You can configure the UNIVERSARIUM planetarium machine to your needs. The Starball comprises all features for the starry sky. Select the didactical projections you want to present with the Starball and choose between the projectors for Sun and Moon and planets. Finally, we will customize the UNIVERSARIUM instrument to your requirements. Whatever your configuration will be, all versions can be coupled directly and synchronously with all UNIVIEW fulldome systems by ZEISS.