ZEISS Fulldome Systems

Premium digital projector featuring unequalled contrast designed for planetariums

Two-channel VELVET LED projection of a 4k image, unedited photograph (still picture from “Dimensions – Once upon our reality” by Rocco Helmchen)

Highest sharpness and contrast with brilliant colors

With VELVET LED, ZEISS offers the only video projector in the world with an absolutely black background based on the DLP® technology from Texas Instruments. VELVET LED was developed by ZEISS. The projector not only impresses with its enormous contrast of 2,500,00 to 1, but also by its outstanding image quality. The projector provides an absolutely black image background with invisible blends between the image channels. The new semiconductor light sources expand the color space, have a nominal service life of 20,000 hours and are immediately ready for operation when switched on.