Economical Solutions, Astronomical Value

It’s never been easier to get started with a projection system that can grow with you well into the future. Our custom solutions are modular to allow future expansion, powered by ZEISS to give you the capabilities you need, and reasonably priced to fit a wide range of budgets.

A Universe of Possibilities

Whether you want the very best night sky with precision fiber-optic ZEISS stars, seamless hybrid control  integrating both the star projection and fulldome within the same software, or a fulldome system inherently capable of show playback and production without added cost, we can customize a solution to fit your individual needs at a range of budgets.

Trusted Partners

We use trusted hardware and suppliers such as ZEISS, Dell, Barco and more to provide systems that are easy to maintain and offer the greatest chance of long-term success. We want your system to continue to look great years from now, something just not possible with some projectors. Let us help you avoid the bleading edge of technology so you don’t have to run out and get another system right away.

Best Bang for Your Buck

We understand that budgets don’t come easily. Let us help you get the most for your money by customizing our systems to provide a solution that is right for your project. Maximize the impact of your funding so you can put on a great performance.

This high school planetarium in LaPorte, TX features a 24ft Astro-tec dome and this fulldome system.

This 2.4k fulldome system features projection from an ultra-quiet laser-phosphor projector in a custom housing with powerdome III for fulldome show playback and programming, advanced visualization software, classic manual control for the feel of an opto-mechanical star projector, a modest 5.1 sound system with JBL speakers, and ChromaCove LED lighting.

The new Star Ball for Hybrid Planetariums

No reason any more to do without a brilliant starry sky!

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