SKYMASTER ZKP 4 is conceived for level-horizon domes with diameters of 6 to 14 m This model is the ideal optical-mechanical companion to team up with Carl Zeiss fulldome systems, such as UNIVIEW®VELVET and UNIVIEW®SPACEGATE Nova.

Bright and Natural Starfield

The ZKP 4 is three times as bright as the previous model and uses LED illumination. With a color temperature of 6500 K, Carl Zeiss, for the first time, accomplishes a completely white starfield that is even more realistic than ever before by earlier small planetarium models. Matching planet projectors will also feature LED light sources and color filters. In addition to the high light yield and the natural colors, LEDs have another notable advantage: Their service life of approximately 60,000 hours corresponds to virtually 20 years of operation and cuts maintenance costs.

Added functions, easy operation

The fourth generation of the ZEISS small-dome planetarium offers many new functions. Sun, Moon and all planets are positioned with topocentric accuracy. A built-in elevator allows the machine to be lowered to clear the auditorium center for unvignetted projections from the periphery, and limitless azimuth rotation expands astronomical presentation capabilities (optional modules). The new control system and the smart operating concept makes controlling this planetarium machine really easy and enjoyable. The astronomical software controls not only the mechanical projector but also the digital planetarium integrated in Carl Zeiss UNIVIEW fulldome systems – with optical and digital skies not merely coupled, but welded to each other.