ChromaCove® LED Lighting

ChromaCove LED Lighting is the premier lighting for planetariums, with numerous features designed to far out-perform any architectural lighting in the demanding dome environment. Gone are the days of steppy fades, unwanted flicker, and cumbersome control. ChromaCove is a trusted name in planetarium cove lighting, and we are proud to offer their products to our customers.

ChromaCove Designer control screen shows easily recognizable presets for favorite colors and effects.

ChromaCove Designer

Create complex lighting effects easily with this control software written specifically for use in planetariums and domed theaters. This intuitive lighting control allows users to create their own effects and trigger them with the click of a mouse, or build the effects into an automated show, adding commands to the UNIVIEW timeline and adding buttons to the UNIVIEW Control web application.

The Layer Editor in CCDesigner lets you quickly create blends of color without forcing you to program each light.

Smooth Gradients

Create blended colors across the dome with a few clicks. There’s no need to tell each fixture what color to be. Just set the colors where you would like them, and let ChromaCove Designer blend them across the system, smoothly filling in the blended colors to the rest of the system.

Manual Controls are easy to use for a quick fade up of the lights as needed and tactile feel without turning on a monitor.

Manual Control

Even with all the fun effects possible in ChromaCove Designer, sometimes you just want to bring up the lights manually. ChromaCove makes this easy with inexpensive controllers and a device to bring the manual and automated controls together through the DMXpert. This device uses adaptive algorithms to interpret the incoming signals and modify them to provide the look and feel of an analog fader and incandescent lighting. So even though you can program a bright flash to startle the audiences with a big bang effect, when you want to slowly fade the lights manually, you can do that without the jittery motion of a hand on a slider.

Illuminate the entire dome with wide-angle lighting designed to shine well past the zenith.

Great Coverage

ChromaCove uses wide-angle LEDs to achieve great coverage well past the zenith. Unlike the weaker incandescent and architectural LED lighting of the past, ChromaCove systems have never required supplemental lighting as “fill” lights to cover the top of the dome.

Shown here, features like ChromaBlend help to create smooth gradients on the dome by blending the colors within the fixtures. (NanoCove RGB Shown)

Multiple Models Available

ChromaCove lighting comes in a variety of models for use in specific situations and to meet a range of budgets. We will help you select the right lighting for your project based on your own specific use and need. Each fixture uses bin-matched LEDs for exceptional color matching across the entire system. Some feature additional white lighting for multi-purpose and custodial usage, while others are just incredibly bright to get the job done and add extra punch to the colors. Whether you are going for a theatrical level or a bit more punch, ChromaCove offers exceptional brightness and smooth fades.

ChromaCove Fixture Style Brightness* Description Features
Signature Series High-Power RGB 1,100 lm RGB Incredibly bright, colorful light from 15 discrete Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. This fixture is great for locations with large cove spaces and room to blend. Personality Profiles, frosted bezel
Signature Series High-Power White 2,100 lm White Extremely Bright white light for multi-purpose and custodial use as an add-on to other RGB fixtures. Personality Profiles, frosted bezel
Signature Series Medium-Power RGB2 280 lm RGB Bright theatrical levels of light are achieved from 30 high-brightness RGB LEDs. Personality Profiles, ChromaBlend
Signature Series Medium-Power RGBW 580 lm (140 lm RGB, 440 lm White) Popular fixture, mixing the brightness of 15 RGB LEDs NanoCove with a little extra punch of 15 white LEDs. Personality Profiles, ChromaBlend
Signature Series Medium-Power White 880 lm White Brilliant white light for multi-purpose and custodial use as an add-on to other RGB fixtures. Personality Profiles
NanoCove RGB 140 lm RGB Theatrical levels of light are achieved from 15 high-brightness RGB LEDs. Great for domes with very narrow cove spaces. Personality Profiles, ChromaBlend

*Lumen values are approximate and based on maximum potential output from LED components and may vary based on factors such as white balance, lensing, binning, and more.