Projection dome

Dome diameter: 12 m to 18 m (39 ft to 59 ft) Superior/Premium
14 m to 24 m (46 ft to 79 ft) Attraction/Classic
Height of horizon: 2200 mm
Dome tilt: 0° to 30°
Seating capacity: 100 to 250

Projection instrument

Superior / Premium Attraction / Classic
Max. height: 2730 mm 2730 mm
Mounting surface: 424 mm x 1945 mm 780 mm dia.
Height of horizon: 2200 mm 2200 mm
Max. diameter: 2080 mm 1080 mm
Weight: max. 850 kg max. 400 kg
Illumination stars/planets: high power LEDs high power LEDs
Power supply: 3x 230/400 VAC ±10 % 3x 230/400 VAC ±10 %
Power consumption: max. 6.5 kVA max. 3 kVA

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The natural depiction of the night sky

STARMASTER combines the benefits of the dumbbell design with the state-of-the-art starball concept. The projectors responsible for the fixed stars are located on a central projector sphere – the Starball. The planet projectors installed in front of it can be controlled individually and independently of each other.

The extremely bright and brilliant artificial starlit sky is made possible by fiber-optical projectors, a special development of Carl Zeiss. The stars, sun, and moon shine bright enough to install the Starball in domes larger than 18 m in diameter. The traditional division into 32 star fields has been abandoned in favor of a smaller number of projectors. With 12 powerful wide-angle lenses, the starball offers space for other projectors, for example for constellation outlines.

Everything you need – configure your instrument

A novelty that is included with the STARMASTER is the integration of the Sun and Moon projectors in the starball. This permits the midnight sun to be demonstrated for the first time without obstructions in the north or south.
However STARMASTER offers a lot more. You can configure the planetarium machine to your requirements. The star field as wells as the white and blue effect lighting for dome brightening and twilight are basic features. All versions can be coupled directly and synchronously with all UNIVIEW fulldome systems by Carl Zeiss. The STARMASTER version for tilted domes is designated STARMASTER ZMP-TD.